Public Speaking… Pleasure or Pain??

  • Are you presenting yourself in the best possible way?
  • Are you articulate when you introduce yourself?
  • Do you compel people to listen to what you have to say?
  • Do you come across as a self assured person?
  • Are you able to present to an audience with confidence?

If the answer is “NO” let me tell you that help is at hand!

I’m here to show you how to get the best out of your voice and personality, so that you can speak confidently in public. For many people the fear of speaking in public is greater than their fear of death, particularly when they have never had to speak to an audience before.

The first time I tried to speak in public, I stood in front of a room of about a hundred people and to be honest; I was absolutely terrified! The memorable occasion was my sister’s wedding, and in the absence of my father, who had died some time earlier, it fell to me to make the welcome speech to an audience of family, friends, and for me personally, some complete strangers. Having never attempted public speaking before, the importance of the occasion caused the nerves to kick-in, and I vividly recall wishing that the ground would open up and swallow me!!

Luciano Pavarotti showed me exactly how breathing changed him from being an international singer to a superstar and I would like to share this secret with you!

During an illustrious forty year musical and theatrical career, working with some of the greatest performers and teachers, I was lucky enough to have had master classes in performance and personality building with the world’s greatest tenor Luciano Pavarotti, whilst at the at The Edinburgh Festival.

I am former member of the PSA (Professional Speaking Association) and have many years of experience in both public speaking and performance. I was trained by world famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti and was the singer of the great song The Impossible Dream for leading actor Peter O’Toole in the film Man of La Mancha. With an extensive stage career and thirty years experience in teaching, I can take you every step of the way, whatever your age or ambition.

Below is a recent video of a presentation performed to international speakers at the Professional Speaking Association in London. This brief excerpt from my presentation shows a demonstration of the power of breathing techniques and voice projection, and it’s effect on public speaking performances.




Over the years I have developed a very unique and exciting public speaking training workshop entitled ‘Going For Gold’. This is an action packed session of individual or group role play exercises and larger than life challenges to empower people with the ability to speak in public, present to an audience and improve their confidence. It is truly inspiring to see the  growth in confidence of everybody who attends these sessions.

The public speaking training and voice coaching sessions can be carried out either at my studio, or at your place of work. Through a combination of voice coaching, presentation and breathing techniques I can help you get the best out of your voice, be it  for presenting, public speaking or performing on stage to an audience. My training can be very personalised and provided on either a 1-2-1 basis or as group sessions.

Who are public speaking training sessions for?

My public speaking lessons are suitable for CEOs, managers, teachers, ministers, students and individuals who wish to develop their confidence and ability to speak in public, or those who simply wish to build confidence in presenting themselves.

I now offer invaluable help to executives, teachers, managers and individuals who need to present to an audience of people, be it a corporate or private function, or to the general public. From my earliest days of abject terror in making an informal speech to friends and family, I can completely sympathise with anyone finding themselves in a similar situation. For some people the thought of speaking in public can make them uncomfortable, fearful and in some cases, stricken with panic and anxiety. With my one-to-one voice coaching and public speaking lessons, I will help you improve your confidence, control and voice projection.

How will public speaking training help you?

  • It will enable you to propel your voice to the back of any size room or hall
  • You will develop  a real feeling of control and authority
  • It will compel people to really listen to what you have to say.
  • You will learn a wide variety of vocal dynamics AND
  • It will give you a complete range of emotional expression
  • Voice Coaching and Public Speaking Training Courses

After an initial discussion regarding your background and needs, I’ll take you through the basic mechanics of breathing and relaxing techniques. This would be followed by simple speech and reading exercises which we can record so as to help monitor your progress. The voice coaching and public speaking sessions are specially designed to be enjoyable and relaxing, so that we can achieve the quickest  and most effective results.

The length of voice coaching and public speaking training lessons will be discussed at the outset and will be relative to your personal availability and requirements. Public speaking is of course different for each individual and depends on your self-confidence,  personal experience and your natural ability to project your voice, so the public speaking training will be adapted to suit your personal requirements.

Please view more video clips on my Video Gallery page, where you can see me in action and below, where you can see me addressing an audience at The Professional Speaking Association talking about my technique.

If you are interested in finding out more about public speaking, or in booking a voice coaching session, please get in contact with me.

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