Here are some great testimonials from a number of my lovely choir members; why don’t you take a leaf out of their book and come along.

“I love every choir session whether practice or performance and have made lots and lots of lovely friends. Why don’t you come along and join, adding to my ever increasing list of new friends”

Carole Nickols

” The total joy of singing with others feeling the same. Leave your other life at the door for a time, so relaxing; such pleasure sharing our songs with others and seeing their enjoyment. I’m totally hooked !! ”

Catherine Fleming

” I love every moment of being part of the choir and to Simon and Lawrence for making the experience so  uplifting and enjoyable”

Letetia Morris

” The choir for me is a wonderful escape from the stresses of life. I love learning new songs. Simon and Lawrence are amazing and patient”

” Singing with the choir gives me such a lift. Practice night is a bright spot in my week. Lovely people, lovely atmosphere, great songs, I thoroughly recommend it ” Judith Biggs

” If your life is lacking ZING, why not come along and SING! It’s fun and uplifting, making new friends and freeing the mind from the stress of modern living…… and No, you don’t have to be a PAVAROTTI !!” Sandra Mayhew

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