I started teaching people to sing when I was in West End Shows in the early Seventies. I certainly had all the vocal problems that young singers face, with the inevitable search for the ideal teacher to correct them. I finally found my teacher in Derek Hammond-Stroud; Derek was already an established international opera singer and recitalist, accompanied by some of the world’s leading pianists. He gave me the voice that I have today, and was in truth a wonderful teacher. I became able to tell exactly what the pupil was doing wrong just by listening. The essential problem with all students is the breath control, the fundamental factor of all singing, and the hardest to teach and learn.

My Approach To Teaching Singing Lessons:

When I have a new pupil, I like to invite them along for a chat and assessment, which is free of charge. In this conversation I get a good idea of the pupil’s background, aptitude and vocal ability. During the assessment I give a few “vocal tips” that I feel will instantly make an improvement. This usually gives them confidence. The main aim is to make the pupil feel comfortable, encouraging them to give more than they thought they could.

The question of cost is left to the end. This can vary with personal situation, frequency of visit and age, and is never an issue. I rarely make an appointment there and then. Rather I leave the person to go away and think about the commitment, and contact me when they feel ready. If it is a child, I always ask if the child themselves want lessons or is being pressurised by the parent.


Lessons must be fun, with the realisation that there is hard work involved whatever the age.

I teach singing lessons every day from 9.00 am till 7.00 pm, if I am available. Teaching is a two way thing; one can always learn from pupils.

If you would like to find out more about learning to sing with me, have any questions, or would like to arrange to meet for assessment and a lesson please feel free to contact me.

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