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Dear Friends of “let The People Sing !” slogan of the now thoroughly  established choir, The Enfield Community Singers – Here is a list of all our forthcoming dates.

All concerts (except Dugdale Show) offer free entry and refreshments with a donation towards listed worthy causes:

  • Sat 14 May Christ Church URC , Chase Side , Enfield EN2 6NJ  7.30 – towards restoration of church windows
  • Sat 21 May, St James’ Church, 115 Hertford Rd, Enfield Highway EN3 5JF,  7.30. towards church costs
  • Saturday 11 June St Monica’s Church, Stonard Road, Palmers Green N21 4DJ  7.15 towards London Air Ambulance
  • Sat 25 June  ” Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance !” No 1 SHOW OF THE YEAR, Dugdale Centre  Enfield EN2 6DS  7.00 2 Choirs , Dancers, Star Soprano
  • Sat 2 July St Michaels, Gordon Hill, Enfield EN2 0QP 7.30 towards Hope For Gabriel – 6 year old who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – a rare muscle wasting condition – your support MOST appreciated
  • Sat 17  Sept St Andrews Church, Chase Side, Southgate N14 5PP  7.30
  • Sunday 27 Nov. Special Christmas Concert at Forty Hall, Forty Hill, Enfield EN2 9HA  3.00 pm


Call Simon Gilbert on: 020 8360 7386


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Super Concert

Let The People Sing! choir

Last Sunday, 14th February,  St Valentine’s Day was the most auspicious date on the calendar of The Enfield Community Singers.

To tumultuous applause and much cheering we presented out Love programme “Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing!”  to a packed house at Enfield’s most prestigious venue Forty Hall. The audience responded to every piece that represented love in all its forms, from the title song to  music with great pathos such as Memory from “Cats” and the poignant music from Les Miserables, to the pulsating rhythms of “Dixie” and The Sixties.

For information on all future great concert dates  see our Events page or contact Simon at

Our Next Concert

Enfield Community Singers choir

Don’t miss our next high profile concert.

The Enfield Community Singers will be appearing at one of Enfield’s premier venues, Forty Hall on St Valentine’s Day Sunday 14th February at 3.00 pm

As well as the title of the concert “Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing !” the program will feature all songs with a love theme, including, Edelweiss, True Love, Unforgettable, As Time Goes By, You’ll Never Know. a beautiful selection from Les Miserables, Memory, memories of Judy Garland and much more.

Concert Tickets

Tickets are £15 and refreshments will be served at the interval. Please book now as tickets are naturally selling fast and there is seating for only 100. Bookings at / 020-8807-6680

For more details regarding forthcoming concerts and joining the choir please contact: or call 020-360-7386

Huge Success Of Christmas Concert

Let The People Sing choir group The Community Singers,

Last Friday – 18th December, the huge audience at Mary Magdalene Church, Enfield, was treated to a superb Christmas Concert, putting The Enfield Community Singers, under their banner “Let The People Sing !” firmly on the map of “Must See” events

The audience was treated to a wonderful selection from Les Miserable, best loved songs by Judy Garland, memories of The Dixie and South American eras and favourites from The Sixties, as well as a foot tapping selection, Steppin’ Out from Irving Berlin and the beautiful Pie Jesu by Lloyd Webber; all this with every best Christmas song and carol woven into this tremendous, upbeat program

The forty strong choir sang with a passion emanating from their dynamic director Simon Gilbert, thoroughly loving the superb harmonies created by its gifted musical director Laurence Payne.

The choir goes into the New Year with many more concerts including Valentine’s Day at Forty Hall, Enfield at 3.00 pm and the Summer Festival at The Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town. For further details of dates see our Events page and for joining the choir, please contact Simon Gilbert at or call on 020-8360-7386


Our Fame Is Spreading

Enfield choir singers

The Enfield Community Singers will soon have appeared at all the venues  including churches in the borough, with appearances at Forty Hall on Valentine’s Day and returns to The Dugdale Centre as part of the Summer Music Festival.

Our reputation and repertoire continues to bring audiences in . PLEASE don’t miss the high spot of our year with our SUPER BUMPER CHRISTMAS CONCERT at Mary Magdalene Church top of Windmill Hill on Friday 18th December at 7.30 pm

Les Miserables, West Side Story, Cats, Pajama Game, South American  and Dixie medleys, Judy Garland favourites, memories of the 60s please join in all of these + every popular Christmas song and carol for your delight. Free entry and Refreshments, a generous donation to The North London Hospice appreciated.

For further information regarding concerts see our Events page or to join the choir contact or call him on; 020-8360-7386

The First Steps In Public Speaking For CEOs And Managers

Public speaking lessons

Some of the most basic requirements of the human being is to be loved, wanted, needed and appreciated; I think we would all agree with that. This is not so different for the speaker. Add to that the need to engage with your listeners, to capture their interest and compel them to listen.

How best to do this?

Not by telling them who you are, what your qualifications and experience have been. They will most likely know this from the information on promotional material they have already read. They will also know within two minutes flat whether you live up to what they heard about you. No!

Ask a question that is relevant to their needs. Then explain, in simple terms, how you and they would go about solving the question. I stress the words ” simple terms “. I think that it is very important that you come across in a conversational manner. If it appears like a lecture, with no enthusiasm and sincerity in  it, just passing the information, then your listeners will switch off from you very quickly.


Another essential element is the silence; I have heard many speakers so beautifully rehearsed in their pitch that they don’t allow for pauses, which would allow the listener to take-in the information that they have just been given. Always remember that your audience is made up of people of different ages and abilities who really want to benefit from what you say, but take in the information at different speeds.


Unless you are a born comedian, don’t try to be funny; by all means retain humour in the speech, that is the oil that always engages the audience and drives the session, provided that it happens naturally.

Story Telling

Lastly, tell a story; audiences love a story, as long as it is relevant; something that may have happened to you in your earlier, struggling years that inspired and motivated you to carry on. Your audience will really appreciate this as it humanises you and makes them think, “Hey, he’s been where I am now !”

I hope that this helps get you started. To develop your public speaking skills and confidence further,you may wish to consider one-to-one public speaking and voice coaching training sessions. For more information on how I can help you please see the Public Speaking and Voice Coaching page.

Call Simon Gilbert on: 020 8360 7386


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Forthcoming Dates For Choir

Enfield Community Singers choir

The reason that you should join our choir is because we have more dates and more fun than most others!

Following a great afternoon at Angel Community Centre Edmonton last Thursday, here’s a quick run down of forthcoming concerts:

  • Thurs 12th November North Middx Hospital , 12.30 pm
  • Thursday 17th December at  North London Hospice, Barrowell Green N21
  • Friday 18th December Christmas concert at Mary Magdalene Church at 7.30 pm
  • Sunday 14th February St Valentine’s Day concert at Forty Hall at 3.00 pm

Call Simon Gilbert on: 020 8360 7386


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New Show

Choir performances in Enfield


That means we want to hear you singing with us, Enfield Community Singers, at our Supah-Doopah new concert at St Andrews Church, Chase Side, Southgate N14 on Saturday 19th September 7.30 pm; every best loved Song & Selection From The Musicals, The Best Of Judy Garland,  Swinging Dixie, Tappin’ and Clappin’ with Irving Berlin Songs Made for Dancin’ , Memories of The 60s and SO much more.

Entry and Refreshments Completely free but donations to Alzheimer’s greatly appreciated

For more information:

Contact Simon at: or call on 020-8360-7386

See our Events page


New Baby

Congratulations are in order!

Let’s all congratulate our dear Claire Dickinson as being the first new mother for The Enfield Community Singers on 11th July at 5.56 am. weighing in at a strapping 7lb 2 oz in old money, which supports the old formula that singing makes children

But what an inconsiderate time of day to make an appearance; still children always were selfish. Anyway, we all wish you well, my darling, and look forward to seeing you and baby soon for its first rehearsal

Now you’ll want to join my choir. so please contact me, Simon, for all information on: or call me on 020-8360-7386

“Let The People Sing!” Dugdale Centre 5th July

Enfield Community Singers choir

The Enfield Community Singers, with their slogan “Let The People Sing !” notched up a major success with yet another sellout last Sunday 5th July at The Dugdale Centre as part of the Summer Festival of Music. With the exciting and dynamic young choir from Freezywater Junior School and and the ultra glamorous soprano Linda Watts exuding star quality, this was more of a show than a concert

With their growing confidence of so many fine performances, the choir now conveys a tremendous enjoyment to all their audiences.  With its slowly developing profile, this ever growing community project needs a bigger venue to accommodate its audience.

The Choir will be even more successful with a larger male presence, so GENTLEMEN, if you ever enjoyed a really good show, you know the difference male voices bring so, for heaven sake sign up, you’ll love being a part of something that makes a real difference to the community.

Call Simon Gilbert on: 020 8360 7386


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