Let The People Sing! choir

Now that we are approaching our third year of existence with many highly successful concerts in the borough, I have time to reflect on how far we’ve come in a relatively short time.

We’ve done unbelievably well,  BUT I can’t be complacent. We need to bring the choir to a higher performance level; that’s to say paying more attention to what the song is saying to you, and telling that story or message to the audience. Singing all the right notes at the right time is never enough. Does the audience believe what you’re telling them ?

Currently, we urgently need more male input if we are to do justice to the really big pieces in our repertoire, such as ” Nessun Dorma”, “Va Pensiero” (  from “Nabucco”) our splendid selection from Les Miserables and our terrific Irving Berlin medley “Steppin’ Out”

SO, you MEN out there who may consider singing sissy or prissy, what can be more thrilling than being part of a great choir, bringing out all the feeling and emotion contained in the above pieces and getting rapturous applause as we have had already.

So GENTLEMEN, please make yourselves known to me!

It will NOT be a wasted exercise

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