A brief intro to our Enfield choir group – “The Enfield Community Singers”

Following a long career in musical theatre, 2011 was my 25th anniversary of producing touring shows for prestigious theatres throughout the UK. During that period I put together some 12  shows which were extremely well received by a mature and discerning public. The shows that had been favoured most were always those that contained a singalong aspect. I wanted to continue this within The Borough of Enfield, but drawing from the community and across the age groups and cultures; I wanted to give the opportunity to people in Enfield who perhaps had done little singing, yet loved to sing, and wanted to be part of a body of like minded people who just wanted the opportunity to sing together.

In March of 2011 we formed a choir group in Enfield called The Enfield Community Singers  and put our first show on in December at the Irish Centre in Tottenham. It consisted of great classical standards like Amazing Grace, Waterloo, Consider Yerself, Hey Jude, Singing in The Rain and My Way with some well known solo items. The show went down a storm, and now fired up I moved on to more productions bearing the title….


My Enfield Community Singers, now in our eighth year and have become a force to be reckoned with. We have had sellout performances in almost all the venues in the borough including The Dugdale Centre, The Civic Centre, Forty Hall, and The Millfield Theatre, where we supported The Opera Boys during their national tour in 2016.

We are, arguably, the only local choir who boasts more than twelve solo performers. Our superb song selections, in the hands of our highly gifted musical director, Laurence Payne need to be heard by a wider audience.  They are not just very nice. They are worthy of bigger and better stages. This is one of my missions.

As we move forward into 2019, we will be in touch with other organisations which will expose us to larger audiences and more recognition.

As a trained professional singer , I know only too well the work involved to produce the right sound to fit the song. I’m particularly thrilled, having been re-trained as a choir master, to hear how my two choirs have improved in this direction, even in the last six months.

Rehearsals are challenging because of the high standard we set. But choir members want this because they recognise that they are part of something really significant. They all love their choir and rise to the challenge we set.

Join our Enfield choir groups…

We are the business –  be part of the dream!

The atmosphere at our choir rehearsals is always great as we’re all there for the same purpose, a love of singing. Choir members come in from across the Enfield area and are mainly adult – from mid-thirties to retired. We have two choir groups and usually rehearse every week. Everybody pays £5.00 per session This covers the use of hall, pianist and administration costs as well as providing a copy of the words with a disc of all the pieces so that choir members can practice at home. You can see details of the choir group sessions including the times and locations by clicking the button below.

Choir Group Sessions

First timers…

First time visitors have a free session to see if it’s for them. Then, they go onto our Group email and have access to all music online.


You have nothing to lose. Share with what I love to something that you can love too.

Singing Lesson revews


Tremendously enjoyable, hard work but great fun and Oh, so rewarding. Where else on a Monday morning can you see so many happy people?

Robert H


Voice coaching review


I enjoy singing, and if you do as well, come and join us. We are a friendly group of people who sing a variety of different songs

Margaret G


Voice coaching review


The Enfield Community Singers is a joyous choir in which we sing as part of the Community and for the Community at events in and around Enfield. We love singing and our lives are enriched for the better by being in the choir

Helen H



We are a fun, relaxed and dynamic  Group. No sight reading necessary. We are led by two knowledgeable and talented personalities who nurture and support us through a myriad of choral pieces. We perform regularly to charitable causes. COME AND JOIN US ON THIS MUSICAL JOURNEY !!!
Shirley C

Choir Performances in Enfield

Below you can watch some of the recent performances by The Enfield Community Singers in Enfield. There are 7 short videos:

Our performances offer audiences the chance to join us singing truly great selections of lovely songs including, Unforgettable, As Time Goes By, Edelweiss, Sing a Song, You’ll Never Know, Morning Has Broken, Bright Eyes with a couple of great London Medleys, which never fail to get audiences singing along. It is always a lot of fun, as we like to create a party atmosphere where everyone can participate and have a good time.

Choir Performance Dates

For more information on our performances please watch out for updates on the News & Reviews  and Events pages.

Choir Performance Dates Performance Videos Choir Group Sessions

Contact Us

If there’s anything else you want to know about The Enfield Community Singers please give me, Simon, a call, send a message via the Contact Us page or email me. You can also keep up to date by visiting the News & Reviews  and Events pages.

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