Public speaking lessonsThe pathway to better public speaking and presentation skills by Simon Gilbert.

I am a past credited member of The Public Speaking Association,  a former leading performer and singer with world famous artistes and singers in musical theatre and opera including Luciano Pavarotti and Cleo Lane, and the singing voice for Peter O’Toole in the great song “The Impossible Dream”.

I guess I was luckier than most having had an illustrious career, working with wonderful performers, where i learnt all bout projecting the voice and personality. For all those who haven’t been as lucky as me, and regard the upcoming speech as an ordeal, here are some gems that will mark a turning point for you;

  • The most important factor is your breathing; if you take a good breath in your tummy to start, this induces not only a calming factor but will also energise your body for your opening words.
  • The next most important factor is rehearsal. By that I mean learn the key sections of your speech; not word for word but memorise the first words of each paragraph, which will automatically take you to your next sentence.
  • You’ll be amazed to know that key to good speech making is smiling. I tell this to both my choirs. A natural smile immediately connects you to your audience. Try smiling to a friend on the telephone or a neighbour in the street. You’ll find that they immediately respond to you in friendly way.
  • Lastly, and following from the last sentence, regard your audience as that best friend and talk to them as such and you’ll be amazed that what you you thought was an ordeal becomes a pleasure.

An accompanying 5 minute video can be found under Public Speaking.

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